SINGLE REVIEW: Kiiara – Messy


I’ve kinda given up on the idea of Kiiara actually releasing her debut album so at this moment I will just accept her constant string of electronic pop singles. The newest addition to the collection is the vibey “Messy” which is one of her strongest yet. Starting off with a basic pulsating beat that adds in a dreamy synth production she gives you a fairly laid back electronic sound that works so well with her chilled vocal delivery. In comparison to some of her previous singles this track is quite minimalistic production wise but sometimes minimal is more and this song is one of those cases. Her vocals shine through stronger on this one and perfectly tells the story of falling for someone but getting scared and wanting to run away. “Let’s stop before it gets messy. Let’s stop before it gets heavy. It’s not too late to say you never met me. Let’s stop before it gets messy”. The track is co-written by one of my favourite newcomers Sasha Sloan whose honest and blunt techniques highlight the classic storyline. After a first listen you will have the way she pronounces the word “messy” stuck in your head and needing to press replay so you can purely hear her say it again. It’s a bit of a bop. 




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