The release of Lanks’ debut album has been a long time coming but on April 27 the multi instrumentalist will finally release the eclectic “twentyseven”. His emotive tracks are DIY gold of indie-pop meets electronic beats with his already released singles “My Own Mystery” and title track “twentyseven” showing a real diversity. On the album he reflects on all the big changes that have happened in his life, the pressures around success, falling in love and explores just what everything in life actually means. In the lead up to the album release I recently chatted to him about  the anxiety of finally releasing the album, self reflection and his favourite touring memories. Check out the chat; 


TB: Your debut album “twentyseven” will be finally released on April 27 and it really has been a long time coming. So how are you feeling now that the release date is looming so quickly. Are you feeling a bit anxious?

L: I finished the album in September last year and I have been making so much music since then just to keep my mind from thinking about the album release. I am excited about it. I put so much time and energy into this. An album is a really big statement and I guess it doesn’t matter how much time you spend on it the public and critics just care about the final result and that judgement can be a little scary. I made something I love and my close friends also love it, I think/hope so that’s really the most important thing.


TB: Over the years your musical influences have been quite experimental and diverse. When you go into the studio do you usually know what sound you want to play with or is the process very DIY?

L: I think a lot of my studio process with LANKS is based around experimentation and finding things that surprise me and excite me. I’m doing a lot of co-writing for other artists now and my process in those sessions is more about getting the song written. Ultimately that is the goal with LANKS too but I don’t have the same time constraints on my own so I can spend a whole day making sounds and really dive deep into the song the following day.


TB: Is there a sound you have experimented with that you scrapped after playing with it?

L: Literally hundreds or thousands of them. That’s a huge part of the process. Trying things out and seeing where it goes and it means that early demos of songs have sounds that don’t make the cut. It makes you learn how to edit and cut the unnecessary parts away to let the song shine. 


TB: Title track “twentyseven” reflects on all the big changes that have happened in your life recently and the pressures of success. What would you say is the main thing you’ve learnt about yourself throughout the creative process of this record?

L: I got better at collaboration. For someone who spent most of my life so far making things on my own it’s been a rewarding experience to open up my process with others, particularly Andrei Eremin. After I had enough singles I really threw out the rule book for the rest of the album and ended up exploring corners of my mind I had previously ignored a little. From that point the album flowed so easily and I learned lots more about my own capabilities. Sometimes you need the shackles loosened a bit.


TB: Other than self reflection and growth what else do you lyrically explore on this record?

L: A lot of the album is about my relationship and how it got from the beginning to where we are now. There are lots of songs about important people in my life or about meeting heroes and being disappointed or about my inspiring grandma who is a illustrator, painter and sculptor.


TB: You always have been quite vulnerable in your songwriting. So what was the hardest song to write personally for you on this record and why?

L: The final song, “Icarus”. It’s about embracing love and letting go of your ego and it ends with me proposing to my girlfriend. It was the most vulnerable and reflective I think I have been in a song.


TB: You’ve toured on your own headline tours and also joined the likes of Broods, SAFIA, RUFUS as well as played Splendour In The Grass. So what has been your favourite touring memory so far?

L: This last tour was a short run but every show sold out or was within a couple of tickets of selling out and they were the most amazing shows we’ve ever played. People seemed to really be connecting at another level and it was such a buzz to play for everyone. The other big highlight was supporting Vera Blue on her national tour. I made some really great friendships on that tour which made it really special.


TB: Once this album is released how do you think your live show will sonically change or evolve?

L: It’s expanded to be a four piece with more instruments now. Synths, keys, drums, electronics, flute, trombone, vocals, guitar and a little cello sometimes has helped it grow into a more epic, dynamic performance which is pretty energetic. It will keep growing and pushing in those directions I think.


TB: The Australian music scene is currently buzzing with so many incredible new acts. So what new artist are you loving at the moment that you think we should keep an eye on?

L: There are SO many! The biggest one who is going to explode is Eliott. Trust Me! She was opening support in Melbourne and I can’t wait to see her dominate stages and radios soon.


TB: Lets play a little game when you answer these questions with the first thing that comes to mind. 

TB: If I could have any superpower it would be… 

L: The ability to learn things faster. Not too fast because then life would get boring but just faster would be great. 

TB: The emoji that best describes me is…

L: The thank you hands. Very very grateful and always apologising for no reason.

TB: My guilty pleasure song is…

L: I don’t think there’s such a thing with me. I LOVE pop music so I’m happy to say what I like there. I’m loving Billie Eilish and Mallrat a lot right now. Also just having a listen to the Cardi B album, so I’ll let you know how I go there.

TB: Most people think I…. 

L: Can eat ridiculous amounts of food. It’s true.

TB: If I could form a supergroup with any other band or artist it would be…

L: Probably Julia Michaels. But ask me next week and I’ll say something completely different.


You can purchase a copy of Lanks’ new album “twentyseven” now from Sanity;




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