LIVE REVIEW: Ruby Fields – The Foundry

Over the last year Ruby Fields has impressed with her quirky indie-rock tracks that have massive hooks, cool one liners and big singalong moments. The tracks are a unique autobiographical look into her life and mindset where there is no filter and she doesn’t hold back. She also became one of the most talked about sets at BIGSOUND 2017 with a packed crowd at Oh Hello which reached capacity before she even came on stage. Earlier this year she released her debut EP “Your Dad’s Opinion For Dinner” which is an impressive collection of honest and pure fiery tracks. To celebrate the release she’s hit the road for a massive headline tour that included a sold out show in Brisbane. The eager crowd at The Foundry excitingly welcomed her onstage as she kicked off the show with the gritty “Ritalin”. Instantly the crowd were jumping like crazy and trying to open up the pitt by pushing everyone around but Ruby wasn’t going to have a bar of that and asked everyone to enjoy themselves but to also respect each other and keep their hands to themselves or “get the fuck out” which was received by massive cheers and respect. “Trouble”, “Libby’s Pink Car” and “VB” followed which saw the crowd being less aggressive and more into the show. Her banter throughout the show was just as honest and witty as her lyrics and really enhanced the intimate vibe. She told the crowd before “Fairly Lame Fairly Tame” about how she went out in Sydney recently and had someone come up and get a photo with her and chatted with her for 10 minutes before she said “my friends are going to be so jealous I got a photo with Tash Sultana” which had the whole crowd laughing. And then before “Redneck Lullaby” she explained how her mum came on stage to perform it with her in Sydney and then crowd surfed which encouraged some punters to start crowdsurfing for the rest of the show which highlighted the energetic set. She wrapped up the show with a cover of Garbage’s “Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)” and the fan favourites “P Plates” and “I Want”. However she ended the set really abruptly and just walked off stage after “I Want” and didn’t say thank you or come back for an encore which was a bit odd. However her set was very energetic and memorable with the crowd absolutely loving every moment of it and will undoubtedly see her playing bigger venues and shows very soon. 

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Photos by Hannah Dodd




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