SINGLE REVIEW: Paris Hilton – I Need You


I really do love Paris Hilton. I still believe that “Stars Are Blind” is one of the most underrated anthems of the mid 2000’s and deserves a Grammy or some sort of recognition. But recently Paris has been going towards a new EDM direction which hasn’t been received well. So to celebrate Valentines Day she has decided to do the complete opposite and release a doo-woop inspired track as a dedication to her fiancé. Sounds sweet right? The only issue is that a demo of this song has been circulating the internet since 2008 which was recorded for her ill-fated sophomore album which was never released. So she’s glossed it up with new vocals and new production and tried to sell it as a brand new track… interesting. This could be forgivable if it was good but it’s not. Its tacky, cheesy and forgettable. A bit like Valentines Day itself (Can you tell I’m single?). But the main issue that sees this song flopping is her vocals. To pull this sensual and romantic doo-woop sound off you need strong and captivating vocals and her vocals are just not. No shade there, just pure truth. Her vocal style is suited more for flirtatious bubble-gum pop or a simple pop ballad. When trying to pull off this doo-woop sound her vocals sound slightly off and don’t reach that level that they need to. Otherwise I guess this song is cute, to a degree.






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