ALBUM REVIEW: Vera Blue – Perennial 


I think we are all aware how difficult and confusing break ups can be. It’s a time of anger, heartbreak, relief and mourning that unleashes a vulnerability that is hard to describe and replicate. However Australian songstress Vera Blue has been able to capture this raw process perfectly on her emotional debut album. “Perennial” is a reflective collection of tracks that perfectly outlines the three stages of a break up; The initial hurt and grief, the anger and hate and then the reflective consciousness that just wants to move on. Album opener “First Week” draws you in with its raw vocal delivery and lyrics that introduces the heartbreak and confusion of why this happened in the first place. It’s that part of the break up where you are missing them, their body and are constantly reminded with every little thing you do. The song then launches into a massive beat breakdown which perfectly represents the confusion. “I’ll be whole, I’ll be whole but I don’t know when”. The album sees her reaching towards a more electronic influenced sound while still managing to hold onto her alternative folk roots. “Give In” is forgettable with its massive production that doesn’t match the epic pop/dance fusion that the next song “Regular Touch” introduces. “We Used To” and “Said Goodbye To Your Mother” are the most intimate and raw moments of pure emotion on the album. Production wise this is the closest to her old sound that her debut EP perfected. For “Lady Powers” and “Magazine”, she channels a pop sound you never expected from her. It’s sassy, confident and funky. I’m really interested to see how these songs will translate in her live set. “Private” is the perfect medium between her old sound and this new electronic direction while “Fools” closely follows. “Overachiever” and “Pedestal/Cover Me” are slow burners and compared to the rest of the album fall a bit flat in their execution. The album fittingly closes with “Mended” which showcases an interesting contrast from “First Week” with how she has grown from this break up. “It’s been a little while since we have ended, but we haven’t mended”. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions which may take you too closely down memory lane. Her vocals are dreamy, beautiful and you can hear the pain in every word. The lyrics are heartbreaking and every song is super quotable and relatable while showing a distinctive maturity and growth from her last EP.

This is an album which should be listened to from start to finish. Each song perfectly leads into the next and evolves the story line of the broken girl who is just trying to move on and be okay. The production is impressive and each song has it’s own unique quirk which makes it stand out/memorable. The maturity she has showcased is impressive and we will see this album becoming a must have for 2017.

You can catch Vera Blue on her national Mended Tour throughout July – September.

Vera Blue Mended Tour Dates

Friday 28 July – The Academy, Canberra
Saturday 29 July – Metro Theatre, Sydney SOLD OUT
Friday 4 August – The Gov, Adelaide
Saturday 5 August – Metropolis, Fremantle
Tuesday 8 August – Tap House, Bendigo
Wednesday 9 August – Grand Hotel, Mornington
Friday 11 August – 170 Russell, Melbourne SOLD OUT
Saturday 12 August – The Wool Exchange, Geelong
Friday 25 August – The Triffid, Brisbane SOLD OUT
Saturday 26 August – The Mills Precinct, Toowoomba
Sunday 27 August – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast SOLD OUT
Thursday 31 August – UOW Uni Bar, Wollongong
Friday 1 September – The Beery, Terrigal
Saturday 2 September – Metro Theatre, Sydney
Friday 8 September – Bar On The Hill, Newcastle
Saturday 9 September – Odeon Theatre, Hobart
Sunday 10 September – 170 Russell, Melbourne



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