SINGLE REVIEW: Vance Joy – Lay It On Me


The inclusion of Vance Joy on the Splendour In The Grass line up didn’t really make sense because there was no word on new music and he had been touring the same record for the past three years. Being a week out from the festival everyone was still confused as to why he was performing but then he announced a new single and it all makes a bit more sense now. “Lay It On Me” is a brassy acoustic pop song that takes the roots from his past record and gives you a bit of a rhythmic touch. Beginning with just his echoing vocals and a strumming acoustic guitar he slowly adds a basic drum beat before introducing a big horn section which ignites this song. It screams “festival ready” with its big euphoric hook which will have you ready to sing it on the top of your lungs at Splendour. The song is about that instant attraction to someone where you just fall for them and question where they have been hiding from you. “If all my defences come down, oh baby will you lay it all on me now?”. It’s catchy and it’s the perfect re-introduction to his music after 2 years of waiting while he’s been gallivanting the world touring.




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