SINGLE REVIEW: Iggy Azalea – Switch


Iggy Azalea is struggling to remain relevant and its really showing with her previous two lead singles from her forthcoming sophomore studio album both flopping on the charts and receiving very little media attention. Her negative attitude has had an incredibly bad impact on her career after having so much promise with her amazing mixtapes and impressive debut album. But that won’t stop her, she’s trying again with single number three “Switch”. This track is fun, vibrant, catchy and an all round summer jam. However she’s trying so hard to write another hit like “Fancy” that it’s becoming predictable. The song is released on a massive week of music and sadly it’s going to be forgotten about however if clubs decide to play it then it may get revived but I’m not going to put money on that happening. I still haven’t heard “Mo Bounce” while I’ve been out and that song was born for the clubs (just saying). The formula is pretty basic; she states her name at the start with “It’s Iggy Iggs” and launches into a fire verse throwing in some ridiculous lyrics and vocal techniques. Then for the pre-chorus she introduces Brazilian songstress Anitta (who no one has heard of before) while she ad-libs over her repeating random words. For the chorus it goes down a tempo to a simple beat where she proclaims “This is about the time you recognize I’m that bitch. This is all that sauce your mama said you couldn’t get”. It does grow on you with each listen but the issue is that most people aren’t going to give this more than one listen. She needs to take it back to a simpler format where she worries less about making a radio hit and just gives us a fire rap track where she tells us her heart break, her struggle and her story from the past two years. Because at the moment all this album has given us is trivial songs that she’s created to try go viral and stay relevant.


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