SINGLE REVIEW: Selena Gomez – Bad Liar

bad liar

“Revival” was probably the most underrated album of 2015. Like that album was almost flawless and continued to grow and evolve on the listener with each listen. After releasing that record Selena Gomez cemented herself as a serious pop artist, a queen if you want to use that terminology. After cancelling the second half of her World Tour due to health issues she continued to work on her forthcoming third studio album and focused on getting better. “Bad Liar” is the official first glimpse of the new project and sees Gomez experimenting with a new pop-rock directed sound. Sampling The Talking Heads classic “Psycho Killer” she sings over the famous bassline with a offbeat hand clap and the addition of light synths. At a first listen the song is unusual and you will be most likely unsure whether you love it or hate it. But on a second listen you will be grooving along. And on a third you will be singing along and convinced that you actually really like it. However the last minute of the song instantly stood out to me with her little wail vocal delivery leading into the final chorus giving the song the little extra flavour it needed with her ad-libs. Lyrically the song looks at trying to hide those explosive feelings you have for someone but struggling. It’s a song that will stand out on radio and is the perfect tone for her that she will KILL the live performances. It’s almost a follow on production wise to “Hands To Myself” but its grittier and bolder. She’s evolving as an artist and I think you’re going to struggle to try put her sound in a box.


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