SINGLE REVIEW: Bridgit Mendler feat. Devontee – Temperamental Love


On the back of the release of her highly praised EP “Nemesis” Bridgit Mendler has dropped another single before stepping out on tour in March. The brief “Temperamental Love” is as much Devontee’s song as it is hers. His rap verse takes up half of the song before her slow burning chorus takes. The production and melody is similar to Diana Ross’ “Im Coming Out” and I know that sounds like a weird comparison but it’s valid. It perfectly continues the indie-pop sound that she has injected to her sound with a more DIY approach. “Temperamental love taking over me. All the lows shake my bones every time you leave but I can’t escape the thought of you boy”. However compared to her other tracks from this project I can’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed. It’s repetitive but not overly catchy and fails to make that impact that the EP did. It’s a slow burner though and does grow on you with each listen.

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