Pop lovers always fight over who the “real” queen of the current music scene is and I’m sorry for whoever you may believe is correct but there is only one true answer. And that answer is Katy Perry. Her inspiring story, humble-ness and ability to adapt and grow has seen her gone from headlining theatres to arenas to the Super Bowl. While we have been starving for a new album since she unleashed Prism in 2013 she has finally answered our prayers. “Chained To The Rhythm” is the official lead single from her forthcoming fourth studio album and you better get ready to vibe. This 80’s tastic mid-tempo dance track experiments with an island sound that has been infecting mainstream radio for the past 6 months. With a reggae twist she introduces Skip Marley (Bob Marley’s grandson) onto the last verse to spit a few lines that i surprisingly didn’t hate. This song has political undertones in the lyrics where she urges people to wake up and see what is going on around them and to fight for their rights. “Are we crazy? Living our lives through a lens. Trapped in our white-picket fence. Like ornaments, so comfortable we live in a bubble”. The chorus is BIG, it’s catchy and I mean she even proclaims in the lyrics that it’s your favourite song and she’s not wrong because it will be. “Turn it up, it’s your favorite song. Dance, dance, dance to the distortion”. It is a different sound for the songstress compared to what we have heard previously and it does take a couple of listens to be like “okay YES” but it gets there. Overall it really is a smart lead single as it has that lyrical and musical relevance, it has her quirkiness and it does have a catchy as hook. So thank you Katy Perry for sorting out my weekend jam, now just give us KP4 already please.


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