SINGLE REVIEW: Catie Turner – Hyperfixations

Catie Turner’s songwriting has always been poignant and honest, but as she steers toward her forthcoming two-part project “Comedy & Tragedy”, she’s even further baring her inner-monologue than ever before. “Hyperfixations” is her first new music of 2023, and the upbeat pop-rock infused track delivers a sonic punch that follows the lead of the 2022 standalone tracks “Nothing” and “Step Mom”. 

As someone who is still coming to terms with their ADHD, it’s refreshing to see hyper-fixating talked about so explicitly. There’s no hiding what this song is about, and the delivery has this chaotic edge with the fast paced thoughts that bounce around. “Am I doing this bad? Am I doing it right? Did I peak at 17? Now I’m on the decline. Pull hair, grind teeth, hate how I write. There I go again with my hyperfixations” she candidly sings before adding “Am I easy to like? Are we all gonna die? Know the answer is yes, but before it’s the time. Fear of space, orbit breaks, burn in the sun. There I go again with my hyperfixations”. The quick and infectious sonical pace compliments these thoughts so perfectly and brings you into the fully focused, yet blurry world, of hyper-fixating.

For someone with ADHD, this song is super comforting and reassuring that I’m not the only person with a chaotic thought process. It’s something we haven’t heard a lot about thought a lyrical dialogue in pop songs, but maybe this is the beginning.