SINGLE REVIEW: Regard & Troye Sivan & Tate McRae – You

I’m always down for a star-studded collaboration and Regard, Troye Sivan and Tate McRae have definitely filled that criteria as we charge towards the time for American, UK and European summer anthems to take over the airwaves. 

‘You’ is an infatuation anthem that will ironically leave you feeling infatuated with its deep house inspired dance-pop hook. Following in the footsteps of Regard’s recent smash hit ‘Secrets’ with RAYE, and the breakthrough ‘Ride It’, the Kosovo-Albanian producer has continued to deliver those mood dance vibes. Tailoring his approach to the bouncy pop and emotionally charged back-catalogue of Troye Sivan, it appropriately feels like a remix of a song you’d expect on his album. On the other hand, for Tate McRae this is the most out of her comfort zone that we’ve heard her yet, but it ultimately suits her. Sivan and McRae’s vocals intertwine so slickly and provide a nice light and shade contrast to each other.  

Providing an emotional foundation, they reflect on how hard it is to move on from someone when you’re absolutely in love with them and cant stop thinking about them with everything you do. It’s a heartbreak song with a twist, and serves as an infatuation dedication to that person you can’t get off your mind. “When I try to fall back I fall back to you. When I talk to my friends I talk about you. When the Hennessy’s strong all I see is you” they sing. 

‘You’ is great definition of what a collaboration should be. It’s a song that hears each artist fusing their artistries together and finding a new medium to co-exist within and give a banging summer anthem that you’re going to want to hear over and over again.