SINGLE REVIEW: Betty Who – Between You & Me

Going independent was one of the best decisions Betty Who could have made as an artist. After splitting with her major label, 2018 has seen her delivering the most music we’ve heard from her in a long time. With a string of singles and an EP, she’s stepped back into the indie-pop world with dreamy and carefree pop tracks that hear her having fun and being emotionally raw again. It’s as if she’s re-found herself again on a spiritual level as she’s delivered some of her best material since her early EP days. With her third studio album slated for a 2019 release, she’s just dropped the lead single which is an emotionally charged dreamy pop track. ‘Between You & Me’ is a beautifully raw track that will instantly captivate you and have you feeling all the feels. Exploring a confusing love interest where you’re unsure where it’s floating between, she questions what they could have if they were just intimate for a moment. “Just between you and me, I can feel something and I’m wondering if you do too. Just between you and me, can’t help but feel like we’ acting like lovers do”. It starts off sweet and emotional and then adds a little sexual infused tinge with her questioning how things could go down. “Why can’t we just address it? Why don’t we start undressing until there’s nothing in between us, in between you and me”. It’s beautiful, honest and raw. And the production perfectly reflects the storyline and emotive vibe of the track with a stripped down guitar strumming that is layered with a minimal pop-beat. It brings back a nostalgic sound that her first EP’s delivered and will have you very excited to hear what the rest of the album will offer.