ALBUM REVIEW: Morgan Evans – Things That We Drink To

It’s not often that an Australian country artist successfully cracks the American market but after years of persistence Morgan Evans has finally made it happen. With ‘Kiss Somebody’ recently comfortably sitting at the top of the charts, it only seems appropriate that the Newcastle singer-songwriter finally releases his debut album. ‘Things That We Drink To’ is a strong and eclectic collection of tracks that explores all the different sides of Country-pop music. Don’t expect any banjo driven, throw-down styled tracks because he channels more of a Keith Urban vibe with a polished sound. Most of the album revolves around the recent chapter of his life where he fell in love and married fellow Country singer-songwriter, Kelsea Ballerini. Album opener ‘American’ is the first of the tracks dedicated to her and its this euphoric and feel good moment that perfectly falls into the massive hit, ‘Kiss Somebody’. First and foremost, Evans is a singer-songwriter and the intimate ‘I Do’ captures that along with the future wedding song favourite ‘Dance With Me’ which actually features Ballerini. But the albums strongest moment comes from the stripped back title track which is dedicated to his manager who recently passed away. The piano lead track explores the regrets we have and the importance of celebrating all the good moments in life. “Gonna raise up a tall glass, tonight as we look back. Back on all the life that we lived through. Yeah, the things that we drink to”.

Within all these different sounds and moods, the majority of the record is very vibrant, bold and fun. ‘Song For The Summer’, ‘Day Drunk, ‘Everything Changes’ and ‘Young Again’ are these very playful and bright moments that will have you singing along instantly to the very catchy hooks. He manages to grab your attention and hold it throughout the 11 tracks and even if you’re not usually a country fan you will probably find something you’ll enjoy. It’s very borderline country-pop but he does manage to hold onto his country roots and proudly wave the Australian flag overseas. 

You can purchase a copy of Morgan Evan’s debut album from Sanity now with a bonus shot glass *whilst stock lasts 



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