We have been deprived of a JoJo album for 10 years and that really is an upsetting statistic. Luckily for us though she is back and better than ever. Her third studio album “Mad Love” is an experimental and bold collection of tracks that document her struggles and triumphs making this her most intimate yet. Opening with the stripped back “Music” it perfectly re-introduces the listener to the songstresses commanding and soaring vocals. But then she gets down to business with some attitude filled and sexualized R&B songs that will have your heart racing and your body grooving. “Fuck Apologies’ and “F.A.B.” give you don’t fuck with me” vibes with lyrics like “What you want from me? I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it” andFake ass bitches, when they smile in your face, but behind you it ain’t well wishes”. This attitude then translates into “Edibles” and “High Heels” which are my two favourite selections on this record because they show a massive growth in not just her songwriting but also her vocal delivery. “Edibles” is this sexy song that doesn’t leave too much for the imagination; “If you wanna come eat edibles, Do some freaky shit, Incredible. I’m your girl” while “High Heels” is an empowering track with a lot of fire; “I put my high heels on, walk right out the door. Best believe Imma leave, don’t need you no more”. And she keeps going on this rampage with “Vibe” and “Like This” giving you gritty breakdowns before mellowing out with the smooth “Mad Love”, “Honest” and “I Can Only”which sees her harmonizing with Alessia Cara. But it’s the simple ballad “I Am” which really steals the show, closing off the album with pure vulnerability making you take note that this isn’t the same artist we were accustomed to 10 years ago. JoJo is now a woman and this album introduces you to her. The songs aren’t gimmicky but they still have strong hooks which will get stuck in your head after a first listen. The lyrics are still as emotional and relatable as “Leave, Get Out” and show a fearless and empowerful side to her. This is my favourite album of right now and you just need to forget any pre-conceived ideas you may have about her and just focus on how great the album is.



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