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I’m always torn when I hop on a long haul flight whether I’m meant to dress comfy or if I’m meant to dress nice because what if I’m seated next to the most… Continue reading

That Green Light I Want It

We all chase that feeling. That euphoric high when you meet someone you think could be your soul mate. It doesn’t happen to all of us and I truly never thought it would… Continue reading

The New Year’s Resolution

At the end of every year we all reflect on the decisions we made, the mistakes we wish we could take back and the risks we wish we took. For most it can… Continue reading

Why I’m Okay Being Single

  “When are you going to get a boyfriend?”, “Surely there must be someone in your life right now?”, “Are you sure you’re okay being single? You must get so lonely?” There are two… Continue reading


You’re sitting in the doctor’s room waiting for your blood test results, sweating at the anticipation. He enters the room, awkwardly says hello and nervously looks at you as he tries to find… Continue reading

Confessions Of Tinder Dating

Apparently it’s near impossible to just go out, meet someone, get their number and go on a nice date. Ever since the integration of apps in the dating world it seems if you… Continue reading

He’s Just Not That Into You

So, there we were. I was somewhere lost in his blue eyes while my fingers ran through his blonde hair, and for the first time in a long time I thought, ‘I could… Continue reading

How To Respectfully Meet Your Fave Celebrity

  “So you stalk them?” That’s probably my least favourite assumptive question that comes up when I have a conversation about the celebrities I’ve met. Look, I will admit that in 2012 I met… Continue reading

Why X Factor Australia 2016 Was A TOTAL Mess

There are rumours currently floating around that X Factor Australia will not be returning in 2017, but does that really come as much of a surprise? The 2016 series of the “hit” reality… Continue reading

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