SINGLE REVIEW: Royal & The Serpent – RAT TRAP 1: the blueprint

Ahead of supporting Fall Out Boy on their giant North American tour which kicks off next month, Royal & The Serpent has revealed their first piece of new music in 2023. “RAT TRAP 1: the blueprint” introduces the concept of releasing two songs simultaneously each month for the foreseeable future which brings listeners into her world. 

For the first double listening she begins with the foundations of her beliefs with “ASTROTURF” and “ONE NATION UNDERDOGS” which are two pop-punk infused tracks that pack a mighty punch. 

“ASTROTURF” is all about having a glimpse of “the other side” where everything seem perfected happy, but the ultimate truth is that it’s all fake, and we are all suffering. “Sister’s a model but she doesn’t eat. She’s still the person that we all wanna be. Brother plays football, he’s our pride and joy. All the girls want him but he wants the boys” she sings. Beginning with an acoustic led production she brings you under false pretences before switching it up hallway through with heavy guitar and drums as she shatters the glass. “The grass might be green. The truth always hurts. It’s all astroturf” she admits.

“ONE NATION UNDERDOGS” then provides a reimagining of the pledge of allegiance with an important queer perspective. “I pledge allegiance to the drag. and the United Gays of America. To safety in public, from queer to trans. One nation underdogs. Not invisible, with liberty and justice for all. We’re the kids that you loved and lost. We’re the one, we’re the one nation underdogs” she pledges at the beginning of the song. This is an important song that highlights the reality of where we are right now as a society, and how we need to uplift the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Both of these angsty tracks are anthems in their own right, and provide the perfect beginning to this new musical chapter for Royal & The Serpent. Get ready to riot in the pit at their upcoming shows!