SINGLE REVIEW: Dominic Fike – Ant Pile

Following the release of “Dancing In The Courthouse” last month, Dominic Fike has announced that his highly-anticipated sophomore album “Sunburn” will be released on July 7. He’s also shared one of his most romantic tracks yet, which sets the super autobiographical tone of the record.

“Ant Pile” recalls the first time he fell in love, and the highs and lows they went through together throughout the course of time. Beginning when they first met in first grade, he details seeing them getting tied to an ant pile, and knowing that he already liked them. Then jumping to high school he details their first date going disastrously wrong, but still feeling the chemistry and wanting to explore their relationship. “The higher-ups will tell you what you can’t eat, where you can’t go, how to dress, how to act decent. I’ve seen you fall to pieces. Seen you completely naked. There’s no more ways you can surprise me” he sings. 

Sonically sitting in a pop-punk inspired pocket, he incorporates his own RNB influences while delivering this energetic and nostalgic punch. Immediately capturing your attention the two minute track feels exciting for Dominic Fike as it hints at the fresh perspective we may just hear on “Sunburn”.