SINGLE REVIEW: Thomas Headon – 2009 TOYOTA

Thomas Headon doesn’t really have a 2009 Toyota Camry, but in his new single he’s going to make you believe it as gospel. Over the past couple of months the UK based but Australian raised artist has been delivering big tunes like “Georgia” and “I Loved A Boy”, and now he’s adding his most chaotic release yet to the mix with “2009 TOYOTA”.

This youthful indie-pop track is celebration of growing up in its most honest form. It’s a coming of age anthem that embraces the in-between feeling of chaos and freedom. Sonically it’s the dream of ADHD lovers with its blend of vocoder, DIY beats, synths, and one of the catchiest hooks of the year. It’s all over the place while also being quite cohesive, and that’s why it will have you immediately obsessed. 

“Gold plate on my 2009 Toyota. Camry designer. All my friends say, “It’s fire,” and I’m so late, sitting in my recliner. Pour myself up a wine, I think I’m taking the night off” he sings during the infectious hook. But the strong and quirky lyrics keep coming in the verses, with “Spilt soy milk on my brand new carpet. The carpet that I stole from Target.” perfectly proving that you’ll never know quite what to expect from a Thomas Headon song. And that truly is a special and great thing.