SINGLE REVIEW: Kelly Clarkson – favorite kind of high

Kelly Clarkson is edging closer to the release of her tenth studio album “Chemistry” on June 23, and following the release of the powerful lead singles “me” and “mine” the icon has returned with her biggest pure-pop track since 2016’s “Piece By Piece” album. 

“favorite kind of high” is a liberating and sexy pop track that explores that initial moment of meeting someone and wanting to get to know them more. It’s the beginning of the chemistry where you’re filled with lust and intrigue, and every moment you spend with them isn’t long enough. “Take me home tonight, kiss me how you like, I’ve been waitin’ for you” she sings during the opening moments of the song before confessing “You’re my favorite kind of high, rushin’ through me like a fire, and I need you to know. I say I won’t, but I do. When it comes to lovin’ you, I don’t have no control”. 

Co-written with Carly Rae Jepsen, this song is a playful pop explosion. Beginning with a groovy guitar riff, she teases the listener with slick harmonies and light drums, before finally delivering colourful synths during the second chorus drop. It’s euphoric and liberating from the very first listen, and will have you immediately ready to press replay. It’s the 2010’s Kelly Clarkson you’ve missed, and she’s not holding back from giving you a serious earworm hook.