SINGLE REVIEW: Charley – Heartbreaker

Breakout Australian pop artist Charley is ready to have you smiling, crying, and dancing along simultaneously as she heads into the release of her debut EP. “TIMEBOMBS” will be released on June 23, and highlights an impressive growth in her artistry from “Hard For Me” right through to where she is now with this new body of work. 

New single “Heartbreaker” follows the queer anthem “Worst Taste In Girls”, and ignites with a pulsating synth production and a driving guitar riff. Taking her pop sound to a grittier place, this track is edgy while still having a polish to it that screams popstar. She uses a lot of alliteration with her lyrical delivery to give you this smooth delivery with a slight sense of chaos coming through the cracks of her heartbreak.

Reflecting on the moment in her grieving experience that she realised her ex was just a liar and manipulator, this song captures the powerful sentiment of allowing yourself to get angry and move on. “Cause you’re just a heartbreaker. And you’re just a love faker. All that you do is make me cry. I know all of your pretty lies, so save ‘em. Cause you’re just a heartbreaker” she sings during the infectiously confident hook. 

I feel like every time Charley releases a new single I say that she’s released her strongest pop offering yet, but it’s because every time I mean it. She continues to raise the bar with immaculate pop songs like “Heartbreaker” that carry a sonical punch along with a raw lyrical vulnerability and an honest hilarity.  


Thursday 6 July – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD
Saturday 8 July – Popchops/Rubix Warehouse, Melbourne VIC

Saturday 16 July – The Lansdowne, Sydney NSW