SINGLE REVIEW: Conan Gray – Never Ending Song

Conan Gray is opening a new chapter in his musical journey with the release of an 80’s inspired mature-pop anthem. “Never Ending Song” is the first taste of new music from Conan since the release of his sophomore album “Superache” last year. Sonically, it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s a new perspective for the singer-songwriter that elevates the synth driven production that his last body of work was built around. Reminiscent of The Killers meets Troye Sivan, he intersects this nostalgic pop-rock sound with a unique freshness. 

Finding a maturity in heartbreak, this track explores being the bigger person whilst moving on. It normalises processing the hurt and trauma, but also still being able to deeply miss them. “You and I sacrificed my adolescence, just to waste my timeon the edges of your life. But we’ve grown too close, now it can’t amount to nothin’. I can hear your voice in the music on the radio” he emotively sings. 

If this track is anything to go by then it’s safe to say that this next chapter for Conan Gray is going to be experimental and profound. It feels like we are reaching the payoff from finding who he really wants to be as an artist after extensive touring and sold out shows.