SINGLE REVIEW: Jeremy Zucker – OK

Following the release of “Internet Crush” earlier this year, Jeremy Zucker is opening a new chapter with the release of the cathartic and reassuring new single “OK”. Taking hint from his pre-release letter posted on his Instagram, its seeming like this new era is all about perspective. And this new track is definitely deeply rooted in perspective, maturity, and empathy. 

Written as an ode to self-care, and looking after the ones you love during hard times, “OK” is from the perspective of him talking someone thorough hardship. Finding themselves in a dark headspace of depression and anxiety, Jeremy reassures them that he’s next to him and will be there to help them get through what seems like a never-ending tunnel of emotions. “I know you’re tired, I know you’re anxious. You wanna die, don’t wanna say it. It’s in your eyes, you’re givin’ up this time. Ooh, I won’t let you do it. I know it’s a lot sometimes, we’ll get you through it. And I barely recognise ya. I want you to be okay, so I’ll remind ya. Just want you to be, Okay” he delicately sings. 

Contrasted with an uplifting indie-pop production, he layers the heavy emotions of the lyrics with a groovy guitar riff, light synths, and drums. Heralding a reminder of hope into the song, you’ll find a sense of catharsis that will have you wanting to press replay. 

You can catch Jeremy Zucker again in Australia in July at Splendour In The Grass.