G FLIP is in an exciting trajectory of their career right now, and it’s very affirming to see a queer Australian artist having such an impact not only down under, but also across the world. Following appearances at World Pride, Spilt Milk, Falls Festival, and Lost Paradise, the singer, songwriter and producer has returned with their first taste of new music in 2023. 

“Be Your Man” opens a new chapter for G FLIP in a bold and anthemic manner. Inspired by their queer experience, the song highlights the need for our stories to be amplified because growing up they only saw one particular ideology of relationships and identity portrayed in films and TV shows. It’s something that is starting to change, and the next generation has so much representation in mainstream media starting to appear, but there is still so much further to go. And this song captures their story and gives listeners a real piece of their heart. “I understand cause I get you emotionally. I’m not a man, but I can if you want me to be. I know how you think, and what you like, and what your body needs. Convinced you should run from me. I’m not what you planned, but I’ll be your man” they sing during the powerful chorus. 

Dedicated to their now-wife, this song will have you covered in goosebumps and feeling the raw emotion that inspired this song. Accompanied by an anthemic yet minimalist inspired production, they deliver swooping guitars and bold drums that highlight this very important moment. Instantly commanding you, G FLIP has undoubtedly got another hit on their hands with this special track.