SINGLE REVIEW: Janelle Monáe – Lipstick Lover

Janelle Monáe is here to reconfirm that she IS the queen, and she IS the moment. Her fourth studio album “The Age Of Pleasure” will be released on June 9 and it’s already promising to be a confident and redefining body of work for the singer, songwriter, actress, writer, and activist. Following in the footsteps of the anthemic lead single “FLOAT”, new single “Lipstick Lover” drives in its own lane as a confidently charged bisexual anthem. 

Not one to ever hold back, Janelle tells it like it is on “Lipstick Lover” and explains the lust she enjoys and needs from a lover. It’s sexually charged in all the right ways. “I like lipstick on my neck. It let me know I’m your number one select. I like lipstick on my neck. Hands around my waist so you know what’s comin’ next. I wanna feel your lips on mine. I just wanna feel a little tongue, we don’t have a long time” she sings during the opening verse. 

Accompanied by a groovy reggae influenced guitar riff, this song grabs inspiration from early Rihanna and Beyonce, and will have you immediately captivated. The production is sexy in a minimalist way, while allowing the lyrics and her seducitve vocal delivery to take lead. A giant TUNE.