Idina Menzel has decided to make a record for the girls, gays, and they’s, and she’s ready to have you gagging from the disco-pop anthems that make up its track listing. “Drama Queen” will be released on August 18, and if the lead single “MOVE” is anything to judge it by then we are very excited as it’s truly going to be a celebration of love, music, and life. 

“MOVE” is a great introduction into this sonical world for the Broadway queen, and it feels like a natural starting point. Sonically reminiscent of Kylie Minogue’s “DISCO” era, she delivers this inescapable hook that is cemented in your mind through its groovy baseline and slick synths. 

The carefree anthem is all about being your authentic self and not letting someone get in your way and tear you down. “So tonight it’s my turn. Yeah, I’m taking centre stage. Cause tonight I’ll come first. If you’re standing in my way, yeah, you better move for me” she confidently sings. 

Upon the very first listen of “MOVE” you will genuinely be shocked by how smooth her transition into full-blown disco pop has been. It’s an immaculate pop song that will be played at ever queer club and is coded to ignite every dance floor. And I already can’t wait to see all the drag lipsyncs that are going to follow with this track.