Ed Sheeran has returned with the final album in his “Mathematics” series, and “-“ (Subtract) is a return to form for the British singer-songwriter. Inspired by stripping it all back to just him, his guitar, and his piano again, this album is the most intimate we’ve heard him to-date. Sonically it’s reminiscent of “+”, but lyrically it’s in its own lane completely. Inspired by the grief, loss and hardships he faced over the past 18 months, this record is heavy. It’s not an uplifting pop listen at all, and instead is filled with a lot of underlying emotions as he processes his pain and thoughts. But there is a strength in the heaviness as he overcomes the hardships and processes his emotions in a very intricate way. He’s also processed these emotions artistically by giving each song on the album its own music video to represent the different themes. 

Here are 5 songs you need to listen on the record;

  1. Curtains

Favourite lyric: “Can you pull the curtains? Let me see the sunshine. I think I’m done with my hiding place and you found me anyway”.

2. End Of Youth

Favourite lyric:“Tried to grow, but the past, it tears me down to size. Tell the world how to process, but don’t take the same advice”.

3. Eyes Closed

Favourite lyric: “I pictured this year a little bit different when it hit February. I step in the bar, it hit me so hard, oh, how can it be this heavy? Every song reminds me you’re gone and I feel thе lump form in my throat, cause I’m here alonе”. 

4. Dusty

Favourite lyric: “We were lost within a stormy ocean. Nobody knew what we were going through”.

5. No Strings

Favourite lyric: “If we make it through this year then nothin’ can break us. Trouble leaves, then reappears, but we’ve shown we can take it”.