SINGLE REVIEW: Sadie Jean – Just Because

Sadie Jean is only three songs into her musical journey, and she’s already got us absolutely gushing. “WYD Now?” was an impressive debut that hit us right in the chest with its heavy emotions. She then followed it up with “Locksmith” which was equally heartbreaking but cathartic, so I don’t think it comes as any surprise when I say the third release is also an emotional time. 

“Just Because” is a reassured break-up song that floats in the introspective thoughts that can get clouded with emotions, but also standing strong knowing that the person is no longer meant to be in your life. There’s an underlying mature reflection of grief interwoven that will have you thinking back on your own heartbreak and the way you felt about people in your past. “Just because I miss you doesn’t mean I want you back. And just because I almost called don’t mean I wish I had. And just because I felt like dying when you left out of the blue. It doesn’t mean I wanna be with anyone like you” she honestly sings. 

Accompanied by soft guitar, atmospheric synths, and smooth melodies, this song is a dreamy pop moment that perfectly complements the introspective lyrics that will simultaneously break and mend your heart at the same time. Growing on you with every listen, “Just Because” quickly becomes another instant favourite in her quick rise as the breakout artist you need to know.