SINGLE REVIEW: GAYLE – don’t call me pretty

GAYLE is currently on the road with Taylor Swift for her mammoth Era’s Tour, and soon she will be joining P!nk for her Summer Carnival Stadium Tour in Europe. So it only makes sense that she needs some giant anthemic pop-rock songs to fill out her set. With “abcdefu”, and “everybody hates me” already providing big singalong’s, she’s stepped it up a notch and delivered the angsty and relatable “don’t call me pretty”. 

In a similar sonical lane as “everybody hates me”, she explores a grittier pop-punk base for the song as she builds pop melodies and an anthemic hook on top of it. Co-written with JP Saxe and Ryan Marrone, there is a similar cadence to Julia Michaels with a strong reference to “Anxiety” shinning through in the verses. 

The unapologetic track hears her delivering brutally honest lines to an ex who keeps reaching out and trying to engage conversation when all he does is give her the ick and remind her of bad times. “Just cause you saw a couple pictures that reminded you of when I would let you do things now I wouldn’t. Your thoughts are out of my control, but get me off your fuckin’ camera roll” she quips before singing in the chorus “I don’t wanna be pretty to you. I don’t wanna be nice. I don’t wanna be the girl who kept you warm for a night. Oh, no, not anymore”.

The empowering track is a big fuck you to all of our exes who keep lingering around like a bad odour, and will have you passionately singing along to the big chorus with her.