SINGLE REVIEW: Catie Turner – Easy

In March, Catie Turner returned after a brief hiatus with the immaculate anthem “Hyperfixations” which perfectly described what it’s like to live with ADHD. The manic pop song was honestly raw while also offering a punchy hook that won’t escape your mind for hours. She’s now backed it up with the intimate and confessional, “Easy” which is taken from her forthcoming EP “Comedy & Tragedy: Part 1”. 

“Easy” is an introspective pop song that is all about wishing you could be easier to love and easier to handle. Constantly riddled with feeling like I’m too much for people, I immediately gasped at hearing these simple and honest lyrics trickle through the chorus as she pleads to be different. “I wanna be easyon the eyes, easy on the mind. Easy to keep around and an easy use of time” she emotionally sings. The raw honesty is commanding, and you can truly hear that she’s singing from the heart as she questions all of these elements that other people have made her feel bad about.

Complemented by a simple production, the song begins with soft guitar and piano chords that remind me of Kate Nash’s song “Nicest Thing”. Allowing her emotional vocal take to command the listener, the lyrics attack you word by word with goosebumps running up your arm during the chorus. As the song builds, there is a moment of anger that comes through with a full band breakdown of the final chorus. It’s a release of emotions that needed to come to a head, and the 2 and half minute track feels very therapeutic because of it.