SINGLE REVIEW: Kesha – Fine Line

Kesha is ready to talk, and we need to listen. Her forthcoming fifth studio album “Gag Order” will be released on May 19, and it’s going to be her most honest, thought provoking, and important record to date. She is sharing her story in its rawest form, and the first two singles “Fine Line” and “Eat The Acid” set the dark yet empowering tone. 

“Fine Line” is one of Kesha’s most impressive songwriting moments to-date. It’s a tender song that will give you goosebumps while you hear her softly singing her truth. Questioning everything around her court case, this is a really powerful commentary of the emotions she was going through, and the reality she was in. There are so many special lyrical moments the best describe the energy and importance of this song and I want to share a few of them with you;

– “All the doctors and lawyers cut the tongue outta my mouth. I’ve been hiding my anger, but bitch, look at me now”. 

– “There’s a fine line between what’s entertaining and what’s just exploiting the pain. But, hey, look at all the money we made off me”

– “There’s a fine line between genius and crazy. There’s a fine line between broken and brеaking”. 

– “Fine line between selling out and being bought. Fine line between famous and being forgot”

Led by guitar, piano and distorted synths, the emotion and tone of this song is very obvious with the hard-hitting lyrics. This isn’t a straight-up pop song, nor is it meant to be. Honestly it’s the ultimate anti-pop song, as she finally unleashes how she truly feels and doesn’t hold anything back.