K.FLAY is entering an era of brand new beginnings, and it’s truly a celebratory moment for her. This weekend the LA based Multi-platinum two-time GRAMMY-Award nominated artist kicked off her first tour since completely losing her hearing in her right ear, as well as released her brand new single from her forthcoming album on her new record label. But while there is a lot of change happening, it’s safe to say that old Kristine is still very much there. 

“Raw Raw” is a high energy rock-pop track that delivers a big sonic punch, ridiculous yet honest lyrics, and a catchy hook. Beginning with grungy guitars, listeners are immediately transported back to the “Every Where Is Some Where” era, and is a bit of sonical shift compared to the disco infused previous single “It’s Been So Long”. Capturing the disarming feeling of falling for someone, she describes having to work through previous traumas when trying to process having positive feelings for someone again. Very relatable. “Sensitive, i’m peeling back my skin. You got me raw, raw. So emotional. Raw, raw. Oh, I feel exposed. Chainsaw. Buzzing at my throat” she sings during the punchy chorus. 

The accompanying music video sees her addressing her new disability with her cutting off her right ear. It’s graphic, thought provoking, and a little bit satirical all at the same time which adds to the powerful energy that is behind “Raw Raw” and this new era for K.FLAY.