SINGLE REVIEW: Sody – Star Potential 

Sody has alway had this raw vulnerability embedded deep in her songwriting. With highlights found in “Butterfly”, “Maybe It Was Me”, Let You Know”, “Bedroom Ceiling”, and “Bitch (I Said It), she’s created a discography that’s emotional, empowering, and showcases her growth as an artist and as a young woman who started releasing music when she was 15. The now 22 year old artist has left her major label deal and gone independent, and has found an important strength through her journey. 

Opening a new chapter, Sody has returned with her new single “Star Potential”, which promises to be the first of a lot of new music from her in 2023. Capturing the thoughts that led her to leave her label through a slight sarcastic lens, she makes point that she can’t pay her bills with exposure and what her potential could be. There is also a direct honesty in the song, that highlights the reality in her situation where she needs to put herself first and not allow people to underestimate her or hold her back. “Look in the mirror and I wanna die. I’m getting good at faking confidence. Not really living, I’m just waiting in line. But I can’t pay my bills with all my star potential. Yeah, I’ll keep telling myself I’m special” she sings. 

Sonically led by an acoustic guitar, the song builds with an airy pop production that carries its lyrical punch like a little hidden surprise. Cinematically building, it has this moment of euphoric release where she grasps onto her future and puts herself first, and it felt very monumental.

“Star Potential” is a very special song for Sody, and it’s the perfect beginning of this new chapter. Get ready to be all in your feelings all over again with her.