SINGLE REVIEW: needanamebro – Better Love

needanamebro are introducing themselves to the world with their debut single “Better Love” and cementing themselves as your next favourite girl group. There’s not a lot of information to be found about this British three-piece, but the intriguing mystery surrounding them is half the fun. They’ve built up a strong fanbase on social media by just posting covers and demo snippets, but now they’re sharing the official first taste of who they are as musicians. 

Sonically reminiscent of early Sugababes, “Better Love” is a melodic RNB track with its entire soul embedded in the rich harmonies. With strings interpolated with light RNB percussion, there is a soothing energy that shines through. It’s intentionally slow burning, and as it glides through the chorus, the melody will continue to circle in your head. 

The ultimate girl-group empowerment anthem, “Better Love” is all about being there for each other through it all. No matter how dark the times might feel, they want to remind each other that they are there to help them through it. “Cause every moment I’m with you, I can live my truth. Every day I’m by your side and you stay by mine. I just wanna lift you up. You showed me a better love” they sing.  

With there release of “Better Love”, needanamebro are quickly winning over listeners and deservingly going to be touted as your next favourite girl group. Get ready for their domination.