MUNA are truly having a moment right now – and it’s about damn time. The indie-pop trio have been making immaculate sad-banger pop music since 2016, but it only feels like they are collecting their roses now. Following the release of their self titled third studio album, they’ve just toured with Lorde in Australia and played Sydney World Pride, and over the past two weekends have played highly praised sets at Coachella. They are one of the most buzzed about pop groups right now, and honestly I’m so glad everyone has finally caught up. 

Following the success of their self-titled record, they’ve just dropped a brand new song “One That Got Away” which sonically continues the synth led production the album explored. Reminiscent of “What I Want”, “Anything But Me” and “Runner’s High”, this track begins with a pulsating synth beat that immediately dominates. As they head into the chorus there is 80’s syncopated drums, slick harmony breakdowns, and groovy guitar riffs added. It’s a song that feels very polished, but also doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard. 

Self described as “vengeful and mean”, the track lyrically brings out a savage yet honest side of a break-up where they are rubbing it in the other person’s face that they really fucked up their chance with you. It’s the ultimate confirmation of knowing that you’ll always be the one that got away, and it’s such a sweet feeling. “Now I’m the one that got away. The kiss you never tasted. Tell me that you hate it. Hate that I’m no longer in your reach” they sing. 

From the very first listen you will be hooked. It’s addictive, catchy, and a feel good “fuck you” song you’ll want to leave on replay.