North Queensland based singer-songwriter KARLOU is currently on steady incline as she introduces herself to listeners with her honest pop-rock. Having already opened for artists like The Rubens, Hope D, Sycco, Mia Wray, and just about to perform at Groovin The Moo in Sunshine Coast this weekend, she is gaining a lot of praise from triple j and fans alike. Now, following the release of “Bitter” and “7 Years”, she has returned with her punchiest single to date. 

“Bed Arrest” is a memorable indie-pop moment which feels like it’s going to find a permanent space in her live show and always deliver the high energy singalongs moving forward. Best described as for fans of Hope D, G Flip and FLETCHER, this track delivers a mighty punch that interpolates smooth pop melodies. Inspired by her experience with sleepwalking, there is a bit of chaos at the core of this song that hears her trying to find a way to stop her from taking these nightly adventures and waking up in weird places, and inevitably looking after herself better. “Better rest. I’m a mess. One more drink and a therapist. It’s 1am, I’m here again. I thought my meds were kicking in” she sings during the chorus. 

So it’s time to hop on board the KARLOU express, because soon a lot of people are going to be talking about her, and her poignant queer pop-rock tracks.