SINGLE REVIEW: Gus Dapperton feat. BENEE – Don’t Let Me Down

The first time Gus Dapperton and BENEE collaborated, they created what would become one of the biggest viral anthems of a global pandemic. “Supalonely” was unmissable with it’s quirky indie-pop production and ridiculous hook. And now that it’s had a few years in the world, the two artists have come together again for another little indie-pop moment. 

“Don’t Let Me Down” is taken from Gus Dapperton’s forthcoming third studio album “Henge” out July 7. The dreamy cut hears them taking a slightly different approach compared to their first collaboration. With a sentimental undertone, the light harmonies in the chorus between the two of them will have you melting with anticipation. Then meeting a light disco beat as it enters the first verse, a groovy inspired production takes over and will have you tapping away. 

Retrospectively looking at how a relationship ended, and the possibility of something happening again, this track explores the built animosity between two people. “If you took a walk in my shoes, you’d know why I don’t wanna be with you. And now you’re askin’ if I’ll take you back. But, boy, I’m sorry, but I can’t do that” they sing during the chorus. 

“Don’t Let Me Down” is dreamy, retrospective and catchy. It doesn’t hold back in serving you a memorable indie-pop moment that shows a maturity compared to its predecessor, “Supalonely”.