SINGLE REVIEW: Eddie Benjamin – Stargirl

A star is born. Eddie Benjamin is one of the most exciting newcomers right now. His innovative pop is a blurry musical journey that you won’t want to hop off. Heavily embedded with a visual identity, this cinematically inclined track feels like it belongs in some strange Willy Wonka meets Marvel inspired universe. It feels like it has a true sense of identity with bold production that ultimately fulfils its purpose. 

Opening with smooth harmonies, a groovy guitar beat and a steady drum beat, the song takes multiple different directions throughout its duration with reverbed vocals, tempo changes, and an almost marching beat driving the chorus. It’s a commanding and exciting listen that has you questioning just where exactly it’s going to take you. 

Sitting perfectly alongside his growing discography notably featuring “Weatherman”, “Fuck My Friends”, “Only You”, and “All Or Nothing”, it stands strong by sounding completely unique, whilst also feeling cohesive with it’s cinematic approach to the production. And after the first listen you will find yourself humming “you’re such a star girl” over and over again until you press replay.