SINGLE REVIEW: Kita Alexander – Queen

Escapism and fantasy has always been something important in pop music, and Australian rising star Kita Alexander is further exploring that side of her artistry as she delivers the first single from her to-be-announced debut album. “Queen” is a freeing and cathartic pop song that is all about letting go, and dancing by yourself when no one is around. It’s one of the most powerful things someone can do, and she embraces that sentiment in this slice of pop heaven.

Beginning with the fantasy of doing something different she sings; “I feel like getting high and kissing a stranger. Been a long time since I’ve been carried away”. As she steers into the chorus she leaps into the escapism while singing; “When I go home, I’m dancing with myself like everyones watching. Standing in the spotlight Madison Garden. When it’s just me, I’m a dancing queen”. 

Laced with a pure euphoria, the immaculate pop production is slick with disco-pop elements intertwined throughout. She even adds an experimental layer with the inclusion of a sample of her son beat boxing at the beginning. It’s a feel good pop song that feels ethereal and liberating, and will have you dancing with her.