SINGLE REVIEW: Kelly Clarkson – Mine / Me

Kelly Clarkson is preparing for the release of her tenth studio album “Chemistry” on June 23, and the queen of empowerment anthems has delivered two new tracks that feel like her strongest songwriting moments to date. Described as a journey of the good, the bad, and the ugly of chemistry with someone, these particular two tracks sum up the healing stage where she realises her worth and declares that she doesn’t need their validation anymore. 

‘Mine’ feels like THE moment for Kelly. It’s direct, a little savage, but unapologetically honest. It’s a song that’s all about wishing your ex feels the same level of pain and betrayal they made you feel. Beginning with a minimalist guitar led production, the song gradually builds with the addition of drums and harmonies, before then switching tempo with a Billie Eilish inspired punchy bridge. “I hope one day someone will take your heart and hold it tight. Make you feel like you’re invincible deep inside. And right when you think that it’s perfect, they cross a line, and steal your shine like you did mine” she sings.

Providing a soulful leaning direction ‘Me’ is the big ballad moment. With goosebump worthy gospel harmonies in the chorus that soar beautifully, she gives you a flawless vocal delivery. It’s a belter, and one that you will want to witness live. It’s a powerful statement that cements that she doesn’t need anyone but herself to make her happy. “I put together my broken. Let go of your hand I’ve been holding. Don’t need somebody when I got me” she sings.

These are the official first tastes of what’s to come from “Chemistry”, and if this is any indication of what else is to come then we are in-store for one of Kelly’s strongest records yet. From turning pain into art, this is truly a rebirth and a reclaiming of her artistry.