SINGLE REVIEW: Kaiser Chiefs – Jealousy 

UK indie-rockers Kaiser Chiefs are making their way to the dance floor as they usher in a new era. Following the release of the lead single “How 2 Dance” last year, they’ve returned with the next pop infused anthem ahead of their forthcoming eighth studio album. “Jealousy” continues their pop-leaning sonical exploration that pushes them into an even bigger arena-ready direction. It’s anthemic, energetic, bold and immediately captivating. 

The playful song plays commentary to the idea that lead vocalist Ricky Wilson is lying to himself that he doesn’t do jealousy. It’s something we have all been guilty before at some point in our lives, and it’s a fun concept to embrace. “Cause I don’t do jealousy, but jealousy might do me. Gonna get you in the end, I pretend with all my energy I don’t do jealousy” he sings. 

From the very first listen “Jealousy” will have you ready to groove along to the joyous production and the punchy hook. It’s a sound that is going to no-doubt be controversial with long time fans as it’s a huge departure from their early material, but it’s one that should be embraced. Sometimes all we need to do is dance, and it seems like Kaiser Chiefs have gotten that memo. So honestly, you should join them and welcome this pulsating dance floor anthem into your life.