SINGLE REVIEW: Dominic Fike – Dancing In The Courthouse

Dominic Fike is currently preparing for the release of his sophomore record, and to open up this next chapter he’s dropped a very personal song that perfectly sets the tone. “Dancing In The Courthouse” is a reflection of his childhood and teen years in Florida. From looking at his misbehaviour and run-ins with the law, this song gives listeners a rare insight to his upbringing; “Put ’em on trial, make ’em dance for it in the courthouse. Make a stand for it or it don’t count” he sings during the slick chorus. 

Led by laid-back guitar chords, the production transforms into this bouncy summer’s afternoon inspired banger that channels the retrospective energy of the lyrics. It feels like a perfect homage to that moment in his life, and has this celebratory flair to represent his far he’s come.