SINGLE REVIEW: JP Saxe – I Don’t Miss You

It’s time for introspective hour, and what a better way to head into the space than by embracing a new track from JP Saxe. The Canadian singer-songwriter has a whole discography of honest pop songs that tug at the heartstrings, and his new single is no different to that pure emotion. 

“I Don’t Miss You” is co-written by the king of sad-boy o’clock, John Mayer, and it hears JP Saxe reflecting on the aftermath of a relationship where you’re trying to move on and seeing other people but that ex is still lingering in your mind and you can’t stop thinking about them. You keep telling yourself that you don’t miss them, but everything you do contradicts that. “I don’t miss you, I just fantasise about you being someone who loves me. It’s not fair to anybody but I just can’t get you off of my mind” he sings.

Led by this pulsating guitar riff, he sings these introspective thoughts with a soft intimate touch. There is an earnest honesty to the delivery that will immediately captivate you and have you thinking yet-again about that one person who never seems to escape your mind. Stripping the production back to just an acoustic guitar towards the end of the track, he gives you a nice light and shade before bringing it back. This is a very strong lyrical moment for JP Saxe, but in honesty, he hasn’t had a bad lyrical moment yet.