SINGLE REVIEW: Jonas Brothers – Waffle House

Jonas Brothers are at a point in their career where they are just having fun sonically. Their melodies are ridiculously catchy and their lyrics are still in-touch, but there does seem to be a playful carefree energy that is a little louder than before. With their forthcoming sixth studio album “The Album” slated for a May 12 release, the trio have dropped a catchy new single that echoes a story of harder times for them and the need to genuinely re-connect. 

From hearing the title alone, “Waffle House” sounds like a cheap throwaway song, but when you listen to the lyrics then you unravel a whole other story. This song is ultimately about brotherhood. It calls on the tougher times where the competition between them became too much, but then highlights the importance of them coming together and putting all of that aside. “But you know it’s always gon’ get figured out. Deep conversations at the Waffle House. Headstrong father and a determined mother. Oh, that’s why some nights, we try to kill each other. You know it’s always love” they sing during the chorus. 

The song is met with a playful production that is inspired by some of their early references of groups like the Bee Gees and The Doobie Brothers by bringing the harmonies to the very front while bringing a fresh perspective. The slick production has this very elevated and euphoric gloss to it which will have the hook immediately stuck in your head.