SINGLE REVIEW: Maisie Peters – Lost The Breakup

If you look back over the past six years, then you will see the incredible growth Maisie Peters has had from the release of “Place We Were Made” to where she is now heading into her sophomore album era. “The Good Witch” is out June 16, and the lead single “Body Better” delivered a perfect contrast of intimate honest songwriting with big pop production. The alliteration of her songwriting was immaculate, with so many special moments throughout the song that it was always going to be tough for her to follow it. But “Lost The Breakup” delivers a whole new punch and a new highlight in her growing discography. 

Exploring who lost the breakup between two people, Maisie highlights her confidence by asserting herself as the winner and details why. Is Maisie in her villain era? Or is she just confident and sorry that the other person lost her? This is the energy we all need to bring into 2023, and I fully endorse it. “I know I’m obsessed and right now, I might be a mess but one day, you’re gonna wake up, and, oh shit, you lost the brеakup” she sings. 

Her alliteration of the vocal delivery in the pre-chorus is so captivating, and will have you immediately ready to hear it over and over again. “So, I’m feeling and I’m dealing with the heart you broke. While you do press-ups and repress us and take off her clothes, oh”. 

“Lost The Breakup” is her Taylor Swift pop moment. It stands strong alongside “Psycho” and “Body Better” as one of her best written and produced pop songs to-date, and will have you immediately obsessing over it rightfully so.