SINGLE REVIEW: Alex Lahey – They Wouldn’t Let Me In

Alex Lahey is currently preparing the release of her third studio album “The Answer Is Always Yes” which will finally be out in the world on May 19. And to keep the momentum building following the release of “Congratulations”, “Shit Talkin’” and “Good Time”, she has shared what might be one of her most direct songs about her queer experience yet. 

Finding herself inspired after watching Netflix series “Heartstopper”, she put into words what her adolescent queer experience was like, and it’s a reality that a lot of queer people experience. “They Wouldn’t Let Me in” is direct, honest, heavy and cathartic in capturing the shut-out behaviour she experienced. Her storytelling is so vivid and honest that I will just let the first verse set the scene for you. 

“I couldn’t get into the bar or the church or the backseat of your mother’s car. 

The club or the bus or the band where no one plays guitar. 

The dance at your school or the change rooms at the swimming pool. 

The haunted house down the street that all those people died in. 

They wouldn’t let me in. Why don’t you let me in?” 

Delivered with a slight whit that masks her coping mechanism, there is a lot of emotion that shines through the 2 and half minute track. It feels freeing even though it brings the listener back to that tough time in her life as it’s a reminder that it does get better with time.