After taking a little hiatus, is back and there is SO much incredible music I missed talking about. So I decided to give you a little breakdown of the songs I have been obsessed with this year so far…

Calvin Harris with Ellie Goulding – Miracle

This is the third time Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding have joined forces on a track together, and following the success of “I Need Your Love” and “Outside” there was a lot of anticipation for it to live up to the hype they’ve created. And luckily it does. They have gone in a completely different direction to what they’ve done before, and they’ve brought back the early 2000’s ultra euro-pop sound with an unexpected drop that goes HARD.

Skrillex, Fred Again, Flowdan – RUMBLE

This is simply a monster of an electronic track. With each listen the drop gets even bigger and more addictive. The way the production makes your heart beat faster and harder is immaculate, and experiencing it live while Fred Again.. was in Australia earlier this year felt super special. 

RAYE – Ice Cream Man 

This song truly just speaks for itself. Listen and prepare to be covered in goosebumps while RAYE explains her story.  

Maisie Peters – Body Better

Maisie Peters always knows how to articulate exactly what I’m feeling and thinking, and “Body Better” is no different. This boppy anthem is infectious and anthemic, but it’s also one of her most poignant and honest tracks yet, and contains some of my favourite Maisie Peters lyrics to date.

“I can’t help thinking that she’s got a better body. Has she got a body better than mine” – that alliteration – WOW

“Loving you was easy, that’s why it hurts now” – so true 

“The worst way to love somebody is to watch them love somebody else and it work out” – This cut so deep. I will be thinking about this lyric for the rest of my life. 

Janelle Monae – FLOAT

Are we ready to talk yet about the fact that Janelle Monae is THE queen? “FLOAT” is the anthem we need in 2023. There’s never been a time that feels more relevant to have a song like ”FLOAT”. The empowering song will captivate you immediately and will have you bouncing along to the refrain; “I don’t step, I don’t walk, I don’t dance, I just Float”. 


P!nk always knows how to deliver a big anthem, and on her ninth studio album “TRUSTFALL” nothing feels bigger than the electric title track. Produced by Fred Again.., this song oozes an undeniable empowering energy that radiates love. And honestly, sometimes all we need is a big love song. 

Ellie Goulding – By The End Of The Night

Ellie Goulding is preparing for the release of her fifth studio album “Higher Than Heaven” next week, and in the lead-up she’s dropped one of her best songs in years. “By The End Of The Night” transports us back to the “Delirium” era with this infectious pop hook that immediately lodges itself in your head. It’s a joyous pop song that has us falling in love with Ellie all over again. 

Budjerah – Therapy 

Budjerah is truly marking himself as Australia’s newest prince of pop. His new single “Therapy” is a huge elevation of his soulful-pop journey to-date and heralds him into the stadiums he recently played with Ed Sheeran. Written by Sarah Aarons, there is a huge pop hook you’ll find yourself singing over and over again. Budjerah is a name you will continue hearing more of, especially following his recent duet of “I Still Call Australia Home” with Kylie Minogue this weekend at the Qantas gala. 

Maddie Zahm – STEP ON ME

Maddie Zahm’s growth in artistry to-date has been so exciting to watch unfold. Her songwriting continually has me covered in goosebumps, and questioning how she’s going to break my heart and pull it back together next. This time she’s released “STEP ON ME” which shows a different perspective, and hears her giving an ex permission to write a “fuck you song” about her and genuinely wishing the best for them. There is a really anthemic element to the choir inspired harmonies that ignite the chorus and turn this into a freeing moment. 

BENEE – Green Honda

BENEE has switched gears and has gone full pop chaos mode on “Green Honda”. This energetic track has a stomp-worthy beat which alone will have you ready to hit replay over and over again. 

Daisy Jones & The Six – Look At Us Now (Honeycomb)

I never thought I would be in love with a fictional band, but here we are. Season 1 of Daisy Jones & The Six is out in the world, and so is the album “Aurora” which fans of the book have been dreaming about hearing since they first read about it in 2019. “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb)” is a song that could potentially be the next “Shallow” moment in pop culture. It’s a song that genuinely gets me excited every time I hear it. 

Mae Stephens – If We Ever Broke Up 

We love a good TIKTOK viral moment, and Mae Stephens “If We Ever Broke Up” is one of the biggest pop viral moments of 2023 so far. If you’ve scrolled through TikTok at all this year then you’ve definitely heard this song. It’s genuinely everywhere. And we aren’t complaining because it has one of the most infectious hooks of the year. LOVE.