is saying goodbye… for now

After six incredible years, I’m saying goodbye to… for now anyways. I started this website because I wanted to share my passion and love for music, and spotlight artists I loved, and songs and albums I thought were game changing. Over the six years I made 2201 (!!) music review posts. And I hope if you’ve read even just one of those posts that you learnt something extra about the song, or found a new connection to why you originally liked the track. I’ve always been initially drawn in by lyrics, and that’s something I specifically wanted to showcase, as the songwriting talent we have right now in the world is incredibly special. 

Throughout the years the website has grown along with the readers from all over the world. I had photographers jump on board to contribute live galleries to the site (337 galleries to be exact), who constantly inspired me through their talent and their passion. So I just wanted to say a big thank you to Han Dodd, Blake Lewis, Kristen Roe, Claudia Bill, Tam Schilling, Zac Montgomery, Richard Boltron, Finnian Hudson, Lyndon James, Tayla Sudall, Darcy Goss, Max Wenke, Jared Harder, Alex Knox, Zennieshia Butts, Jayden Staines, Nikita Oliver, Jordan Rogers-Smith, Lucinda Jones, Luke Cummins, and Kelsey Doyle. Thank you for all your hard work over the years, and for being a huge part of this journey. 

I got to interview artists I admired and who had majorly impacted me musically from the likes of Julia Michaels and Jack Antonoff to Sasha Alex Sloan, Chelsea Cutler, Tove Lo, FLETCHER, Maisie Peters, Rina Sawayama, Sigrid, K.FLAY, Cub Sport, Vera Blue, JoJo, and Alexander 23 . In fact, I ran 380 interviews on the site. And every single one of those conversations taught me something about myself as a writer, interviewer and a music fan. I always loved hearing what artists had to say about the creative processes behind their music, and hearing the thought processes to some of the most magical and important lyrics. 

So why now? Why am I stepping away from the website I’ve built from the ground up at a time it’s receiving its most love? To be completely honest with you, I just need a little bit of rest. I have been running this site for 6 years while also working a full time job at the same time. So that meant a lot of late nights, early mornings, weekends and annual leave were spent putting my heart and soul into this, with $0 financial income from the site. I did it because I was passionate, and I got to tell people’s stories, and bring people together. But it does get to a point where it’s a little heavy working 24/7, and only having your day job as financial support. I still love doing it, but it’s time I put my health first, and prioritize downtime where I can. In my personal life, I have just moved to a new city by myself to start a new job, so it felt like it was the perfect time for me to do that. I also wanted to go out on a high and celebrate the incredible work I’ve done since 2016, with the help of so many amazing artists, publicists, labels and touring companies. And you reading this, thank you for reading and for clicking on my links and interacting with me. I couldn’t have done it without you, truly. 

But I’m assuming you are wondering what’s next? While will be on an indefinite hiatus, I will still be creating interview content and sharing music and artists I love on Instagram and TikTok. I will also be updating the #BLEACHED playlist on Spotify every Friday with my top picks for the week. So make sure you are following on all platforms so you can keep up-to-date.  I will also be available for freelance writing and content – the best email to reach me is

So while this is the end of a chapter for this website, it’s also the beginning of a new exciting one as I bring you more engaging content that you can enjoy while scrolling through your feeds. So thank you for making my dreams come true with, and allowing me to give you my thoughts and opinions on music. 


Thomas xx