SONGS YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS WEEK: Ayesha A. Madon, RAYE, Forest Claudette, MCK, FLETCHER, Fazerdaze & Bella Amor 

Ayesha A. Madon – Goldfish

Ayesha A. Madon is the lead in the forthcoming Netflix reboot of ‘Heartbreak High’ set to hit the streaming platform later this month, and she’s about to become one of the most buzzed about acts at BIGSOUND 2022 with her debut live shows this week. The singer-songwriter has just released her highly anticipated follow up single ‘Goldfish’ to her 2020 stellar debut ‘Outside Of The Party’, and it’s a future-hit. The dreamy RNB-pop track instantly brings you into a sonical soundscape reminiscent of Ariana Grande, and will have you immediately singing along to its smooth chorus. Ayesha is a star, and this track cements that status. 

RAYE – Black Mascara

You don’t want to mess with RAYE, because she’s ready to have her long-awaited revenge with the future dance classic, ‘Black Mascara’. Following the direct lyrical honesty of ‘Hard Out Here’, this track takes you to the dance floor for an important catharsis. As soon as the refrain “try to understand just what you’ve done to me, done to me, done to me…” hits, it’s over for you as you find yourself slo-mo dancing across the floor, office, bedroom, street, wherever you may be. Prepare to be regularly  flawed by this pop mogul, as she enter her debut album era. 

Forest Claudette – Hologram

Forest Claudette is another of the BIGSOUND 2022 alum that is coming in hot ahead of his highly anticipated showcases this week. The Australian-American singer-songwriter’s new single ‘Hologram’ is a sultry RNB moment with thick hip-hop influences giving it this distinct grit. Sonically found somewhere between Genesis Owusu and Frank Ocean, he transports you into the fuzzy yet polished soundscape that is exhilarating from start to finish. 

MCK – World Of You

Intimate. Honest. Vulnerable. Sincere. They are the words that immediately come to mind upon a first listen of MCK’s new track ‘World Of You’ from her debut album ‘Becoming’. The New Zealand singer-songwriter taps into a sonic similar to Gracie Abrams and Holly Humberstone that successfully breaks your heart and mends it back together again within its 2 minute and 18 seconds duration. Looking towards a moment of rekindling with an old flame, it’s a song about the difficulties of separation and letting go. “Think I look for you in every man” is a lyric that particularly stings, and shoots little goosebumps down your spine with that rich heartbreak emotion. A stunning moment for MCK. 


FLETCHER is in transit with her debut album ‘Girl Of My Dreams’ which will finally be released on September 16, and we couldn’t be any more excited. If you’re on queer TikTok then you’re well aware of the drama her last single ‘Becky’s So Hot’ created, and why this record has become one of the years most anticipated pop releases. And her new track ‘Sting’ takes you to the beginning of the record, and sonically and lyrically kicks off where her last EP ‘The S(ex) Tapes’ left off. “Ex-oh, do you ever miss me? You chose brand new over history” she sings before “Fucked up, made a couple of sex tapes. All love when I hear your name” which pays as a direct reference to the EP, as well as her song ‘All Love’ from the ‘you ruined new york city for me’ EP. There are a lot of easter eggs in this track, but we will let the TikTok sleuths uncover those. This is definitely another little slice of pop perfection from FLETCHER *chef kiss*. 

Fazerdaze – Break!

New Zealand singer-songwriter Fazerdaze has returned this year following a five year absence of new music, and she’s immediately serving us big grungy 90’s inspired tracks. Ahead of her new EP ‘Break!’ out October 14, she has dropped the addictively catchy title track that serves you a touch of nostalgia with a modern nod to the likes of Wet Leg. The anthem is a reflection on wishing she’d broken earlier so she could’ve found herself again after being in a toxic situation. “Something’s gotta break, something’s gotta break. Something’s gotta give, something’s gotta give. You just give and take, I just take and give” she sings during the punchy pre-chorus. If this EP and new music isn’t on your radar yet, then it really needs to be. 

bella amor – can’t get laid

bella amor is walking right up to the microphone, tapping on it, and giving us a fiery debut single that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. ‘can’t get laid’ is a song dedicated to anyone that needs to… get laid. It’s pretty straight to the point in its meaning, and the Gold Coast singer-songwriter wants people to embrace the carefreeness of the song and say goodbye to the people and things that are holding you back from getting what you want. “I’m like Madonna. Hung up on words you don’t say. You know that I tried. Yeah it’s not me” she playfully sings. The pop-punk energy behind the track is addictive, and will have you immediately obsessed with the bouncy production that leads the way. 

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