FLETCHER is THE moment. Anyone that attended any of her three sold out Australian tour dates can back me up on that. Because next time the American singer-songwriter is back in Australia, the venues will be bigger, the production will be better, and the crowds will be louder. With the line circling the block around The Triffid, everyone packed themselves into the venue early to secure the best spot possible to witness this very special gig. 

Immediately igniting the loud singalongs with opening song ‘Girls Girls Girls’, FLETCHER walked onto the stage to huge screams, and the enthusiastic admiration didn’t stop all night. “I just ask that you fuck me energetically with how loud you sing tonight” she cheekily asked the crowd, and they definitely delivered that. ‘Forever’, ‘Cherry’, ‘If You’re Gonna Lie’, ‘All Love’ and ‘Undrunk’ followed with their guitar driven sonics, which led into a passionate cover of Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever’ which was intertwined with one of FLETCHER’s unreleased tracks ‘Fuck You For Ruining New York City For Me’. 

“Are you ready for The S(EX) Tapes?” She asked the crowd as she teased the entirety of her acclaimed EP, with ‘Silence’, ‘If I Hated You’, ‘Feel’, ‘Sex (With My Ex), ‘The One’, and ‘Shh…Don’t Say It’ following. The audience interaction was at an all-time high throughout the entire show. She kept jumping onto the barrier and getting up close and person with the crowd, a fan came out on stage at one point, and then at another she jumped into the crowd to sign boobs for 3 minutes while Tove Lo’s ‘Disco Tits’ played over the PA. Icon behaviour.

As the crowd steered towards the end of the show, the singalongs became even more passionate and louder than they were before with ‘Her Body Is Bible’, ‘Healing’, ‘Becky’s So Hot’ and ‘Bitter’ closing it out. The 90 minute show was a masterclass in pop perfection. From the song themselves, to the flawless connection with the band, and the heartfelt interaction with the crowd, it was a show that felt very special. This is one I’m going to remember for a long time, and anyone else who attended will also feel the same way. 

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Photos by Finnian Hudson